Will vb run an old gwbasic .bas program? My problem is to lprint to a usb printer, and if I have to learn vb, so be it. thanx Jack

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Though I may be wrong, I think that code won't be compatible. You'll have to learn VB. And that's not much difficult. Come on!

Will vb run an old gwbasic .bas program? My problem is to lprint to a usb printer, and if I have to learn vb, so be it. thanx Jack

I dug around some more & came up with a shareware download called "dosprint" which works fine for me. Hope it helps others too. One site is: http://www.brothersoft.com/downloads/dosprint.html
Good luck, Jack

thnx for sharing friend :)

Sorry if my post relating to, DOS LPRINT to USB, appeared to be an advertisement, but that certainly was not intended. It was just that by finding the software DOS2USB solved a major problem for me, and I know many have been trying all sorts of solutions to being able to print from a DOS environment, such as a Quickbasic program, to a USB Printer. I tried many solutions and could not get any of them to work. I had a very useful Qbasic program of some 3000 lines and my old parallel printer was getting ready for the scrapheap, as well ink cartridges were costing $54 ( and that is nearly three times the cost of the DOS2USB software ), for this old clunker. The DOS2USB program solved this dilemma immediately without changing a single line of code and was a lot faster displaying the results and printing same on the new USB printer. It will be a pity if complaints from competitors stop the dissemination of very useful information. But I am suitably admonished and sorry, but have absolutely no connection to the supplier of this product, just a very happy user until I can get the original program re-coded into VB. A great Forum, hope it can stay that way. Cheers

thanx, but my dos program uses all 80 characters per line wide, and I find that dosprint leaves out the first character of each line, so that's not suitable for me, the software "dosprint" works, but costs 80 bucks, & I haven't checked lately to see if it likes w/7. Jack

Hi Jackgrt,
please mark it resolved if your problem is solved. this will help people who need same help as you have mentioned and also helpers will not waste their time going through this thread.


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