Hi to every body, I want to make an application that having a lot of buttons, such as payment, view info, deliquent, reports, edit etc. In vba I already created by creating each button to call an individual form, like payment I made (frmpayment), for view info(frmview), for deliquent (frmdeliquent). so In every form I need to create a lots of label and texboxes. My question is in vb.net 2005, Is there an easy or simple way to create a lot of forms to call with my button. What I want is i have a main window and the side of my window is the main menu containing several buttons, so once the user click the payment then all the label and texboxes appear at the right side of my forms, if the user hit another button view info, again appear at the right side of my forms and replace the old textboxes and labels. Please give an advice.

Thanks a lot

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