I have a list that is retrieved with python from MS Access.
This list needs to be sorted alphabetically before being printed on the web browser.

Here is what I have and I need it sorted by the P_LastName.

dbc = odbc.odbc('Intra//')
csr = dbc.cursor()
q = "SELECT P_ID, P_FirstName, P_LastName, P_Company, P_Title FROM contacts WHERE P_Category = '%s'" % cat
pdt = csr.fetchall()

I have been playing the with sort function but have been unsuccessful. Any help greatly appreciated.

I am not sure how you access the P_LastName field in a member of q.
If it is something like q[0].P_LastName then use the key argument to sort like this:

q.sort(key = lambda x: x.P_LastName)

- Paddy.

It appears from your code that MS Access is SQL. If so, you can use ORDERBY. A Google for "access orderby" should get you started.

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