Does anyone know how to create a JAR file using JCreator ? i have try to create it but it gives me this error " Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribuite from c:\hello\.jar" which i doesn't know how solve it.

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check the documentation of the jar command.
If you insist on using an IDE to prevent you from learning the language and its tools use its documentation as well.


You need to create a manifest file yourself.

Open up a notepad file and in it type:

Main-Class: Yourmainclass.withoutthedotextension

Then save it as


This may not work though. Your best chance would be to jar it up from the command line, which I found to be the best solution.


I know JBuilder and ANT (and JBuilder uses ANT for it) can generate the manifest for you if you tell them the required information (like the main class...).
Comes in handy when you want an ANT script that does everything from compiling to testing to building your distribution archives.
RTFM to find out how.

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