Hey guys!

I got a bit of a problem and need some help!

I wanna solve (as in Ax = B) up to a 6x6 matrix using C (not C++ coz I'm using Linux and vi to code). I'm having HUGE problems with the Gauss reduction and using Cramer's rule will be a bit tedious. Can anybody PLEASE provide me with some code coz I'm pulling out hair trying to figure this problem out even if u do use Cramer's Rule or Gauss Reduction!!!


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>Can anybody PLEASE provide me with some code
No. I remember being grateful to people who gave me solutions when I was learning, but now I wish they hadn't because it hurt me more than it helped. That's why I'm a hard ass when it comes to solving your problems for you.

Anyway, the web is filled with this sort of thing. If you do some intense searching you'll find help in the form of code that you can emulate, or algorithms that you can implement with C.

>not C++ coz I'm using Linux and vi to code
Linux ships with G++ as well as GCC, and vi doesn't care what language you use. ;)

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