I've searched far and wide but I haven't found exactly what I need.

I have to programs communicating through named pipelines (windows XP). One is sending strings to another. The one who's recieves inserts them into an array. Now, here's the problem: this program is multi-threaded, each thread has it's own class, and I need to make the string array visible to all the threads. So I thougth that I could pass the string array reference to the other threads so when I change it in the main thread, every other thread will see it too, but, only the last value of the array is updated! Here it is in pseudocode:

int main(){

string * strArray= new string[10];

ThreadObject obj;

int i=0;
                 string buff=RecieveFromPipe();


The LoadArray function is prototyped as this:

void ThreadObj::LoadArray(string *a){



Any idea? I'm sorry if I'm not perfectly clear, English is not my first language and my choice of words is very limited.

Thanks in advance,


why the while loop? can't you just do something like

for(int i=0;i<10;++i) {
   strArray[i] = ReceiveFromPipe();


The while(true) statement is because this thread runs without end until I send a terminal signal, it is a detail unimportant to the problem, I supressed a lot of the code since it would bring more confusion. And even so, it is a work in progress and is likely to change.

The array is a circular one, it is aways recieving new strings, when a string is inserted in the strArray[9], the next one will be inserted in strArray[0] and so on.

When I print the string from the main thread (the one with the while(true)), it prints out just right, but when I print from another thread (the one with the loadArray method), all positions print blank, except the last one, and that's the part that puzzles me.

Any other way that I can explain my problem better please ask away, I really want to understand this problem, since for me there isn't a logical reason for this error to occur.

Thanx for the reply

I solved, empirically, the problem. The thing is that when you write a value in a position of the array, you have to yield to the other thread. If you don't, it will only recognize correctly the last value that you changed.

Although it is working, I would like a more scientifical explanation. If someone could help me with that it would be great.


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