I need some help finding a windows tutorial for C, not C++. (I am trying to learn C, compile about fifty pages of reference notes on it, and THEN learn C++. That way I dont have to worry about mixing things up, I will have notes and can forget about C for a while. Back to the point: Windows for C)

I recently searched the web for information on windows programming in the C language. After an hour long search, I was unsuccessful. (I think I spelled that wrong) I tried a few tutorials later in the day, but NONE of them would work on my borland 5.5 compiler. I can write DOS programs, but my program testers (I.E. friends) want windows. (So do I, they are more user friendly)

I do not expect anyone to do my work for me, I was simply wondering if anyone already knows about any good windows tutorials for the C language and could post a link. :mrgreen: Thank you!

P.S. : I intend to spend the next couple of days/weeks/months (however long it takes depending on difficulty and my spare time) on a simple one scene shooting game with some background music, and if that works out, possibly progress to something bigger.

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for an example, 5 minutes using google, and got it, just go to www.google.com and type in C Tutorial for Windows, you will get alot of good one. Altho as a beginner myself, i reccomned jumping into C++ as C has different commands form C++ and you might get them mixed up when you go to C++.

Thanks for the site information, but I wasnt looking for those kinds of things. I was looking for something that could teach me how to use C to create graphical interfaces, not more DOS stuff. I may use what you gave me, but what I couldn't find on google was a windows in C tutorial whos example programs would compile in Borland 5.5 compiler.

DOS stuff for C/C++ is easy to find. I am looking for windows stuff, specifically in C. If there was windows information on the sites you gave that I overlooked, please tell me.

Windows GUI programming is clearly the realm of Visual C++. There is a free beta "student version" available from Microsoft at:

then you can download nice sample files from:

Another way way to study GUI programming is via BCX. It uses simple basic code and translates that to C/C++ that runs on several different compilers. I think Borland C++ 5.5 is one of them. Download the free development suite from:

This one has a great help file for the basic it uses and lots of GUI examples.

Have fun!

Thanks! That is much better. I will start using it immediately. (I spelled that wrong) That is very helpful, and you are right; C++ is definitely the windows language, not C.

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