As a beginner I want to create a text editor that autosaves the text at intervals. It's not a part of any HW or anything like that. I just wanna learn things. Plz Plz help me out. Got 20 days at home. Wish to complete it before joining college.

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As a beginning you should start at the beginning of your learning, not jump smack dabb into the middle of the lake. Buy a book on introduction to c++ and start studying from page 1, not page 500. The Read Me threads at the top of this board have lots of information about that.


Hmm..Actually I am not that big a novice. My program is able to maintain the text and give the previous lines typed which won't be visible on the page. Plz tell me what to do next.:)


- What compiler/OS are you using?
- Console app or GUI?
- How is the data saved?

The next thing would be to save the text at intervals. If your program runs in a loop, you can compare the current time with a preset time to get an interval, or you could use a separate thread with a clock in it that triggers an event for autosaving.

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