i am using vb 2008 version and microsoft office access 2003.I have installed access 2007 also.
while i work in vb,i get error -could not find installable ISAM ,at this code
con.open("provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;datasourse="&application startup path&"vbnet.mdb")

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m getting the same error.
i have vista installed on my pc (if tht makes any difference).
some microsoft support sites recommend changes in the registry but i couldnt find those files in the registry. i tried insatalllin office again but all in vain.
plz help

got the solution
there should be a space between data and source
provider="....";data source = "";

Malformed connection string.

may be the upper case and lower case difference is affecting
Data Source=alkdjfadljf;Persist Security Info = false;"

this provider is for access 2007

All the shit thing above, aint working bitches

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