Hey guys, I am new to assembly language, so to those of you that are good at it, how do I write a beep(ex.doorbell) in assembly? Any type of beep, just so I have an idea of how it's done. Now to those of you who will answer this, thanks in advance!


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Here's a little game we really don't like playing.
It's called "guess the operating system".

thanks for the sarcasm, you were really helpful.

Still, the question remains.
If you want to jerk around and play 20 questions, you'll be playing solo.

The reason they asked for your os is that asm is diferent on every arch AND os, for instance most dos based assembly programs run with int 0x21 (and some thing in the respected registries) but linux from the information i have gathered sets the processor into protected mode and then only responds to in 0x80

so if you would like more help with assembly unless you know that it is the same or every instruction set (which it usually isn't ) it is better to atleast state for what arch/cpu and os

a start for the innerupts would be ralf brown's interupt list it is a little hard to navigate but it is very complete

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