Im a newbie.
I have been working for hours trying to find out how to make this triangle with stars. I have to make a diamond, octagon, and christmas tree and it's proving tobe VERY difficult. Yes I am very new to this. :o

Anyone? Please help me. You can also IM me on aim if that's easier. GoJuicyCouture

I am unable to copy and paste the code :sad:

Thank you so much if anyone decides to help. I was avoiding any help because I wanted to see if i could actually do this, what is supposed to be easy program, but its too hard for me. I am very frustrated and it's getting late! <3 :rolleyes:

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Why are you unable to copy and paste the code? Simply highlight all of your code, and do Ctrl+C (if on Windows). And then Ctrl+V to paste it in here. We aren't going to write your program from scratch for you unless we see some effort on your part ... some code, algorithm, or even a specific line you're having a problem with.

Shift+Arrow keys to highlight, Control(CTRL)+Insert to copy
Shift+insert to paste.

BTW nice pic Dani.

sorry but i did end up staying up till 2:30 and figured it out. i have no clue why it wouldnt copy and paste. my computer was being weird at the moment. thanks anyway.

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