I have developed an application in vb.net to generate reports against a SQL database where I used visual studio 2003 - crystal reports. I need to deploy the same as a setup file to install it in other client PCs where there is no crystal reports or visual studio installed. Will it work if I deploy the project and install it directly or shall I need to add any other files to my project before deployment. I heard that I had to include some merge modules of crystal reports in my project before deployment. But I never used it before.

If anybody knows how to add these modules in my project please help me to add it or if it is not required please advice

Thank you in advance.


1. Open your project in Visual Studio 2003
2. click File - New - Project - Setup and Deployment Projects
3. Choose Setup Project
4. Choose Add to solution (radio button) under location path
5. Click Ok to start
5. Right click on Application Folder - Add - Project Output
6. Select for Primary Output
7. Then right click in setup project name on solution explorer.
8. Click Add - Merge Module
9. Choose 4 Files (or you can add as u need) :
- Crystal_Database_Access2003.msm
- Crystal_Database_Access2003_enu.msm
- Crystal_Managed2003.msm
- Crystal_regwiz2003.msm
10. Build..
11. Finish...