hello i wanted to create a tetris game.

i would really appreciate it tho if some one could roughly outline what i have to do. leave the coding for me i will take care of that.

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Visual C++? C++ For Linux? ... more details please?

oops i'm sorry. its in vc++. i need it as simple as possible. its pretty much my first attempt at a game on vc++. i only tryed making games on vb6 before.

i did and thats why i'm here i read the site up and down.
and it stated that i should start by something like tetris any way its cool i think i knwo how to get started on it.
thanks anyways

Sorry about that ... I just realized the C++ link costs a few bucks to download. The Visual Basic one is free however.

What you should do is go to download.com or somewhere and download open source tetris clones for linux. They're most likely written in C++ and can def give you a head start as to an algorithm, etc. From there it should be easy to port to Visual C++. Good luck! Sorry I can't be more help, I never made a VC++ game before unfortunately

no thanks you have been of great help. i really never knew there was such a big difference between c++ and vc++.

today i brought my own vc++ compiler to my school because i wanted the teacher to teach me how to create win32 aplications. he looked at in with confusion.

we use turbo c++ there or borland.

either he is really dum or he is really dum.

i got riped off anyways thats not what i signed up for.
turbo c++ is so dull and i cant make any aplication really worth while because everythingi create looks like a dos thing.

anyways thanks again i will go do that.

There's no reason why your teacher, or anyone else who understand C++, should know how to write Windows applications. The two are quite different things. C++ is a language defined by a standard and available on a large number of platforms. Windows just happens to be one of those platforms. Visual C++ just happens to be Microsoft's own implementation of a C++ compiler. It supports standard C++ (to a degree) and, not unreasonably, provides vast support for the Windows API. But the Windows API is a Windows issue, not a C++ issue. So your teacher is not dum (sic) for not understanding how to use Visual C++. In fact, it has it's own IDE environment that takes some time to get used to even for people experienced in using the Windows API with other compilers.

It's quite reasonable for C++ students to be taught how to make 'DOS things'. To start with you should be concentrating on the C++ language and libraries, and only then on a particular API. You have to be able to walk before you can run. People who try to learn C++ by getting stuck straight into the Windows API without having a good understanding of the core language are in for a rough ride.

C++ is a complex language. Win32 is a complex API. The language has to come before the API, but expect both to take some time to master.

Well said. Tell me why, then, I am entering my fourth semester of college as a Computer Science major and still have not even touched a GUI of any kind? (Damn Hofstra U). There is, however, one professor who is in love with QT (but then again, heaven forbid we use something like Glade; it has to be hand-coded!)

GLADE = GTK+ Unix Interface Builder
drag-n-drop widgets onto the form very similar to the way it's done in VB, only it works with Linux C++ in XWindows

Do you know whether you will be taught a particular GUI later in the course? Not that I'd see it as a major drop off if you weren't.

Did I say my fourth semester at college? I meant my fourth YEAR! And no plans on ever learning any GUI during any part of the computer science curriculum at Hofstra U.

Bob, were you talking to me or fakespike?

My previous post? To you. And once again, I don't see it as a major drop-off if you don't touch a GUI on your course.

Besides, if you can't even remember what year you're taking, what chance do you have with something as complex as a GUI ;-)

Besides, if you can't even remember what year you're taking, what chance do you have with something as complex as a GUI ;-)

Oh shush ;) Yup, just finished my third year so I'm entering my fourth year in the fall. :D

hmm..i find that disturbing. fourth year!? and still no cheese.
well no wonder you dont like your uni.
the best way to motivate a student is for him/her to see her full finished product looking all nice and all. besides its to give you a break and to show more of ur artistic side.

the reason i want to learn api and gui in such a rush is to see my finished product. When my program looks like something that I once use to buy I get a great satisfaction and that in turn motivates me to continue. but now always looking at a black screen no matter how good the code is. It still feels missing and looks cheap and isnt very satisfying.

hmm i dont know if any of this makes sense to you.

i knwo the right thing is to take it one step at a time. but i dont want to jump and learn to make windows again. i will be content with just making a simple interface for my programs. anything as long as its not a black dos screen :( .

You could always draw out a VB form with a cmd button to call your sickly looking console app .......... just a thought ;)

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