I am using a xbee rf transmission device and i have it connected to my pc via usb. As per the data of the device the information it recieves comes to the pc as it would be coming throgh a com port. I am now trying to create a program that any time i get in data the program woulfd see it and execute some functions. If anybody could help me with designing a program to read the comm port it would be appreciated

Thanks in advanced

i have read over the information you informed me about thanks Another question if i'm gonna program this using visual studio can i have the program running at all times or checking ports at all times

is there any way you can give an example as a test bench to begin i have limited os programming

thanks again

ok thanks but after reviewing how to create the service program i'm still lost on how to acces the com 4 port

can you write a service program in c++ the information i have found was in visual basic

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