is there any method which return the Local on giving a date as argument.

publlic Locale getLocale(Date d){
return locale

help me to get the locale.

Please help me to get the locale on giving the date.Ie when i give us date,i need to get US.

Please help .....

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You can use the Locale to parse a certain Date object:


And use the constructor with the Locale as argument.

SimpleDateFormat(/*String pattern*/ "dd/MM/yyyy",  Locale.ENGLISH)

But I don't think that what you are asking is possible.

Hi Friends,

Please help me to find out the different date format of the countirs, ie MM/dd/YYYY is the dateformats of US and dd/MM/YYYY is for india.lke this i want to compare a date with all the dateformats avaliable in our Computer.

Can any one send me a link to to download a Datepicker for my swing based application.The date picker must support the default when i give a US date ,It must be shown as the defult locale date format ?please help me...

Also can any one help me to convert the US date to all other date formats.
For eg:

when i give setDate("05/01/2008"); //Usdate MM/dd/yyyy
the i must get the date in all different formats like dd/mm/yyyy,yyyy/dd/mm etc..

Please help me to solve this issue

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