hello freinds.I am anshul agarwal doing my summer internship in Germany.
I am facing one problem in visual c++..

Actually i have done a project in borland c++ but because of memory constrain, I am forced to switch over to visual c++...

My program is to read 5000 data from a txt file, select them on sme basis, do calculations on them and print their result...

when i did the same thing with 500 data on borland, i am getting right result which means my coding is absolutely correct.

but when i copy,paste the same thing in visual c++, i m getting 54 erros..i think i dont know abcd of visual c++.

plz some1 help me just how to compile it...I dont need anything more....i think i am unable to include header files..me using visual c++ 2005 express edition..

plz help me as soon as possible.