Hello again,

I have the following situation: I have a script which allows the commands of several instruments. for some of them, their configuration is easy and simply launching the application with os.system() or through telnetlib allows me to do what I need.

But I have stumbled across something which I don't seem to find the answer to. I have an attenuator, which is piloted through a Hyper Terminal GUI. If I open the application with os.system(), I cannot pass commands to it (it is like a terminal, you write ATTN 9 if you want to set the attenuation to 9dB...). Normally it is piloted through the COM serial port, so maybe ther eis a driver or something which would allow me to get to the interaction aPI directly and create ascript for it. Another solution is AutoIT (make your mouse click where it should and can get a run time argument for the attenuation level)...

To resume it all: is there a way in Python to pass commands as stdin to applications like this one, aving a GUI, while they are running?

Thanks for your eventual inputs ont his matter,


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I'll look it up as soon as i get a chance
Thanks a lot, gives me some hope:)

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