Please help me with the following: i am trying to open a file with a specific application using java. I am working on a desktop application.
The following code using java.awt.Desktop works for known extension types,but when trying to open a file with an unknown extension it throws an exception. I know this is about to happen, because it's in the class documentation, but what i want to ask you is if there is another way of popping up the windows "open with" dialog through java. I just don't want to let unknown extension file types untreated. This is the code i use, and it works,just that it throws an exception for unknown file types:

import java.awt.Desktop
if (Desktop.isDesktopSupported()) {
	desktop = Desktop.getDesktop();
        temp = new File(localPath);

Thank you very much

thx,the problem was solved using

String str = "RUNDLL32.EXE SHELL32.DLL,OpenAs_RunDLL";
r = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process p = r.exec(str + "C:\\test.txt");

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