Hello! I have problem here...

I want to separate 12-07-1007 into 3 parts, which are day(12), month(7), and year(1007).

I have made a function to do this separation and it works well.
But i wonder if there is exist a function in VB to do the separation?

Thank U... ^____^

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Do you have to input the date before the app separates them. Or does the app get the date from the computer?

simply try this

MsgBox Day(Now) & " " & Month(Now) & " " & Year(Now)

simply try this

MsgBox Day(Now) & " " & Month(Now) & " " & Year(Now)

i got the input from the computer system..

wow... it's works! So simple... ^__________^


i'm using visual basic 2005 express edition. i tried
MsgBox Day(Now) & " " & Month(Now) & " " & Year(Now)MsgBox Day(Now) & " " & Month(Now) & " " & Year(Now)
but an error occur say day cant be use as an expresion.why is that so?

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