I have to do aproject in java so please guide me what kind of project can be done in java ?

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There's little that can not be done in Java, mainly things very close to the hardware (and with the right hardware you can do even those).

What kind of project do you want to do ... a web app or a stand alone desktop app ... or some sort of mobile app development ?? and to what level you can go ....

it is almost impossible to answer this question as it depends on your level of programming skills. if your not an expert in java then your going to find it hard to complete a complex project without gettin loads of errors. therefore for any of us to answer your question you need to give us a little more info. Eg is this the first time you have used java? who is the project inended for?
hope this helps you to get further

yes u have be little more specific ...................

yes u have be little more specific ...................

Yes, definately. Considering, however, that this thread is three years old, I believe his due date is long past.

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