When compiling a program i get this:

Cannot open include file: 'afxwin.h': No such file or directory

This is because I dont have an MFC library. This is because microsoft visual studio C++ 2008 express edition does not have an MFC library (need to buy the proffessional edition).

Anyone know where I can get this library from?


edit: or alternativly, will a gcc compiller on cygwin be able to do the job (though I dont want to do that)?

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That compiler does not support MFC. To get MFC you have to buy with your $$$ the standard or professional version. MFC and associated libraries are NOT free.

Do you want to know:
1. ...where to buy VC++ Pro
2. ...how to commit a crime

Look at Win32++ library:
Of course, it's not a MFC alternative, but may be it helps.
It's freeware and it works with VC++ Express and other free compilers.

wxWidgets is also pretty popular alternative, and also free.

Win32++ looks like MFC (nightmare;)).
Of course, wxWidgets is a better choice (for profi;)).
See also newest release of compact, elegant, platform-independent Ultima++ (BSD License):
I think, it's a good choice for GUI novices too...

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