I am newbie and trying to make a data display application in VB6 with 3 forms
- Form1 is background Flash animation & graphics (Interface)
- Form2 is for data-1 display
- Form3 is for data-2 display

Form2 & Form3 will display as slides on Form1

Data is in text with tables
For database, using SQL.

Well now my quistion is:

Please help me, How I can call Form2 and Form3 in SWF Flash (Form1) using FSCommand or any thing else?

Your help would be appreciated...

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Yes I tried that, but it is not clear and did not solved my problem.

I google the internet, but did not find the code or usefull document.

Any idea?


i can't understand ure question but try this
1. go to toolbox then select shockwave flash object
2.click and drag
3.go to the properties of that flash object that is named movie
4. enter the directory of that .swf object

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