Project Title : Student Grading System
Purpose : Calculate the grade and sort the result in descending

How the user operate the software:
1) user run the software
2) an interface show on the screen
3) user keyin Input file name (example:studentsmarks.txt)
4) user keyin Output file name (example:studentresult.txt)
5) user select function to calculate and sort
6) Then an output file stored student result generated
7) user can select option to continue another input file or quit the software
8) the result listing in the studentresult.txt must be sort in descending
9) Grade : MARKS >= 80 Then A
MARKS >= 75 Then A-
MARKS >= 70 Then B+
MARKS >= 65 Then B
MARKS >= 60 Then B-
MARKS >= 55 Then C+
MARKS >= 50 Then C
MARKS >= 45 Then C-
MARKS >= 40 Then D+
MARKS >= 35 Then D
MARKS < 35 Then E

hi guys ! well , i kinda having problems doing this software and i hope to get some tips on where to start from you all .the input file format is something like this :

No. StudentID Midterm Final
1 BS0030 30 50
2 BS0031 10 40

and the output file should be something like this

No. StudentID Total Grade
1 BS0030 80 A
2 BS0031 50 C

thx in advance !

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You can check this out too.


The interface would be easy. So I think you should start on how to manipulate your input and present your output. :)

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