Hi all, I,m reading "Art of assembly language" and author says that he had included a library files on a companion cd-rom, but I had downloaded the book for free on the internet and now i don't have these files,can you help me to find them?

Ok,I found this file(on the internet) it nas many directories ,and two of them are" include" and "lib" but what to do now? should I move these files in "include" and "lib" directories in my tasm folder? how to help tasm to find these files?

when including source to your project the assembler's root directory is the directory of your project. So you have two or actually three choices:
1) Leave the author's libs somewhere on your HD and include them with the complete path (eg "/home/yourname/authorsname/lib/whatiwant.asm"). which is a hell a lot of work.
2) always copy the lib into the folder of your project and include them with "./whatiwant.asm". Which is also stupid, because when you change a lib, you have to copy the new file to all other projects.
3) most elegant in my opinion: create a folder in the directory of all your projects and call it "lib" or "system" or whatever you want and put the stuff in there. Then you can include it via "../lib/wahteveriwant.asm" from all your projects. Changin the file then automatically affects all other projects.


4. As option 1, but edit the tasm.cfg file (or whatever it's called) which sets environment variables for LIB and INCLUDE. These are the default places it searches for things. Simply add the 3rd party directories and you can use them for anything without any further (or extra) effort.