I know how to search files, but what i dont know is how to get VB.net to
Read the first line of a text file then search pc for it
Read the second line of a text file then search pc for it
and keep going till it reaches the end of the text file
then display the results in a list box and have a button that will delete the selected file in the results box

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As long as it is a simple text file and not a word document or something else, I don't see the problem here.

You just need to look at a file i/o tutorial


yes thanks also how do i attach a statusbar(i forgot the name) to the search so it tells me when it will be done


and how do i return results into the box
ive tryed using
but that just returns a empty result, if there is something found how do i make i put in the found files name and location

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