OK, now this problem relates to the same one ive been having with the invoices, "Transfering records", that I posted.

If i have a text filed, lets say activity, which contains the user activity on a form, (Eg user clicks "Send Report" button and "activity" changes to "Report Sent" - this is basic and works OK) and a table for notes:

a - date/time - Date/Time
b - note - String
User - String

How can I add a record to the notes table if a user has caused the activity field to change. The event leading to the actual adding of the record i've got, but no more.
In the above eg for instance, the user clicked "Send Report" and activity changes to "Rerport Sent" i want the following record added to the Notes table:
Date/Time: Now() (Automatticaly by default Value)
Note: "Report Sent"
User: "System"

I cant seem to find a command that will enable me to add a record.

Ive managed to get the table/form to open in add mode, but the fields are not inserted automatically. I dont particularly like the table being opened, but if it works that 100%. The table then closed after the record has been added. This needs to be done in the back ground if possible, so that the user is not aware of the records.

Any ideas or directions???




You don't have to open nor a form or a table, just in the commandbutton that sends the report or do other actions add this statment: DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tblNotes ( NoteDate, NoteText, NoteUsr ) SELECT Now(), [Forms]![Form1]![txtAtv] , 'System'" where txtAtv is the textbox that contains the activity.