I developed the project in vb.the screen resolution is 1024 * 768
the exe is posted in server . now when another person is opening the exe from his system
of 15 inch wider screen the resolution is 800 * 600. some part (right to the user) of the form
is not able to see.so please tell me how to change the form size and it's controls to be view on different resolution. note . im not use the mdi form.all forms are displayed as model forms. so you need to click the close button to unload the form which is not shown in the clients monitor

thanks in advance

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U want to resize controls automatically when form resizes.

Have a look at this sample project i have attached here. Observe the tag Property of each control.

Changing the tag property helps in resizing/positioning as per ur requirement.

u can use varWidth, varVertical, fixBottom, fixRight etc.

this code can be found at the following url with some additional information


Shaik Akthar

Or you can see thread 42516. i think it will help you.

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