Hi guys,

the thing is: suppose that there is an application (assumed that we are using Windows) waiting for some input data. This could be a password, path, search criteria (for example in the case of Google). I would like my Java application to 'enter' some text, and then to 'press' the default button (by default I mean the one issued on pressing the enter).

Now, for the beginning please tell me: is it possible? If it is, is there any Java package I can use for this?

Thanks a lot in advance :P

You may find these links helpful--
javax.swing which is adjacent to the .NET Frameworks.

Threads/Concurrency in the event that you need your application to do multiple operations for the end-user, though the EDT in javax.swing Components should be sufficient.

If this is to be deployed on a Web Page for the end-user to access without needed to install the application on their computer, you could consider using either a JApplet or possibly a combination of a Servlet with a JSP front-end, though the idea of implementing JSP is beyond the scope of standard Java since it requires HTML/XHTML knowledge.

What criteria must be met for the clients?