hi my name is srikanth.i am a beginner in java just learning the basics.i just have one question. why does everyone talk in a confusion manner regarding java like using terms such as j2ee,j2se,core java advanced java. whats the difference? there is no such confusion in C.
and what is run time environment. please dont give me any links.just try to explain in your own words thank you.

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Hi everyone,

This is what they mean

J2EE - This is the enterprise edition for multitier enterprise applications including application servers

J2SE - This is the Standard Edition which most developers will find appropriate for software development

Java Core - The standard java libaries like the C standard library

Java Advanced - As the name suggests advanced java classes which include parsers and other stuff

runtime enviroment is during the time the program is running(i.e during runtime)

Richard West

All that information is clearly and openly available from Sun's Java website at http://java.sun.com so I wonder why someone had to go and present it all to you?

If you're confused by the acronymophobia in Java, C is a disaster with a thousand mutually incompatible libraries to do things for all the myriad platforms for which you each need to write and maintain code and manage compilers and test installations.

These are nothing more than java version. Yeah Java is rather confusing language, here all things are abstract what inside are going its hard to get. But that's why it is more more secure than C. Run time environment is mere for running of class, programme after compilation just like C. All class are again load when main programme runs. In java everythings are defined in class and object form and their inbuilt method, just to call method, no need to give definition.

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