Hi, I have an aaplication which can play the .wav file. However, I want to get the timing of each word spoken by the person. For example, when the person speak the first word, the time will being recorded in the text area and also the word spoken. the process is consequence for the rest of the word spoken by the user.

Anybody have any suggestion on how to get the timing?

Hope that somebody can help me towards the solution.

Thanks and regards

Yes, what I want is such like speech recognition. But, the important thing here is I want to get the timing after recognise the speech. Does anybody have anysuggestion?

If your algorithm can isolate single words from the audio signal, then getting whatever timing metrics you need should be trivial. Isolation of the signal from baseline shouldn't be too difficult.

So, anybody has any algorithm suitable in getting the timing of each word spoken by the user?

Thanks for all the reply. But, is here anybody know any algorithm which can applied to get the timing of the speech. So that, I can recognise the word the user spoken and also the timing..
I really appreciate if somebody could help me.



commented: No one is going to just hand you this algorithm no matter how many times you ask the same question. -2

You do realize you are going to have to so some actual work to develop the signal processing algorithm, right? Asking repeatedly here for someone to give you an algorithm is not going to work out.