Hello, I am trying to get back into programming I took it way back in high school and I am to say the least I am a little rusty. I can’t find the type of program that I want so I thought that I would make it and it has became a lot more then I thought that it would be. So I need to know if I can make a data base where the interface has option and check boxes on it and if so how would one go about it. The form has text boxes for data that is different form one and another, and then it has some option boxes and check boxes for the data that is going to be the same. Ex of this is like Names will be in the text box and male of female are the options and then likes and dislikes are the check boxes where more than one can be true. So I hope that someone out there can help me with an answers an if you cant make a database then maybe some ideas of what I might be able to do.

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are you asking for someone to create a database for you?
by what means do you want to create this program...?
is this a school project?


no i know the basics on how to make a database and how to use VB6 to interface with it. i need to know if you could use option and check boxes on the form. And as for a school project those days are long gone. i just cant find a program that works the way that i want it to. so i started out to make my own and i got a little over my head and now dont want to give up on it.


yes you can....
you just have to set up the needed properties for your check boxes....

im talking about datasource and data field...

but if you want to me help you more....
be specific...

whats your database name:
data control name:
table name:
and datafields....

just be specific... maybe i could give you codes that might help.....



while using option button, it's only possible select any one from the choices offered(Male/Female)

so use a varaiable to store the fieldvale,with the help of if condition assign corresponding value to the Varaible

and For Multiple choices(Checkbox)
u can use array or simply a string,

if you are about to use an array then simple go with the fi condition for each checkbox, add the corresponding values

on the other hand use some distintinctive delimeter for each choice value and concatenate the String values...

With regards
Venkatramasamy SN

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