t can contain an Address Book, Calculator, Calendar, Dictionary, To Do List, Clock, etc.

It is not necessary that it will look exactly like the Mac's Dashboard or the Windows Sidebar (especially when it comes to the look and feel; with transparent and animation effects). What's important is it contains mini useful applications.

Software Requirements
- The mini applications can be inside a parent application with a menu or they can be on different separate applications which you can:
- position anywhere around the screen (not required);
- hide or unhide (required)
- No database utilization required (not required); Saving/Retrieving of data must be done through text files.
- "To Do List" mini application is required. Please see [To Do List Requirements]

To Do List Requirements
- Users must be able to enter tasks and can contain:
- the name of the task
- start date and due date (with time, of course)
- priority (normal, medium, high)
- category of tasks; work, school, home, friends, etc. (not required)
- alarm or reminder (nor required)
- Users must be able to see all the unfinished tasks once they open the application, of course. :)
- Users must be able to see all the completed tasks (with the date and time when the task was completed)
- Other than being unable to tag a task as completed or unfinished, users must also be able to delete a task.

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You have only copied and pasted description of your homework but forgot to copy the actual code that you have written so far.


Because, of course, you're suppossed to provide all of that. Why else would he post here, if he still had to do any of it himself?


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If you knew java you wouldn't ask this.
First read java, in java especially swing andawt events and handling files.
That sould be enough to this project, or more of a small thingy. As far as it comes to a dictionary, you will need something more than just a text file to effectively implement it, ofcourse it can also be implemented with a text file, but will be stupid. If you want to do so, first geta oxford dictionary, or a big chambers dictionary and type out all of it in a text file. it will serve, though highle inefficient.

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