I have to learn C++ and how to code GUIs (for a new programming language).

I need to be able to learn all this within a month.

I have a little bit of experience (tiny bit of PERL, and tiny bit of Python... also a tiny bit of CSS & HTML). I have also done some very small C++ tutorials.

So I probably know the most basic of basics.

And I think myself a fast learner.

So if someone can please recommend a book/ebook for me to read, study and learn, please tell me!

I need to learn as much as I can, in as little time as possible!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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VC++ is better for GUI s , what OS are you using ?

I'm using Windows XP 64-bit.

But I need to learn this for (probably) XP 32-bit + Linux 32-bit.


I've finally been able to learn (well haven't finished either book yet, not even half way through the first one! BUT I am on my way to becoming a programmer) C++ & Java by reading/learning the following two books;

Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour A Day

Sams Teach Yourself Java 6 in 21 Days

Thanks for all help given.

Wish me luck!