I have developed a windows application using VB.NET, i need put a icon file for the .exe application file. I tried the following ways, Right clicked the project->went to properties-> there there is a option for putting application icon. I tried putting my .ico(16X16 and 32X32) file which i created using photoshop. But it says "Not a valid icon file".

Now how to create a valid icon file for my application ...? Please help ....

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You are adding your ICO-file in the right way, but the file is not in Windows ICO-format.

I don't know much about PhotoShop. If it has a possibility to save ICO-files, try it. If that doesn't work, save your picture as a GIF-file with transparent background.

Then download, for example, Paint.NET, IrfanView or Gimp and use it to convert GIF-file to Windows ICO-file. All those graphics apps are freeware and you can download them from http://www.download.com


I thought Photoshop could create a windows icon.
However, save it as a bitmap, jpeg, etc. There are a lot of free programs to convert an image file to an icon file.

OOPS a little bit late. Sorry


I agree with Teme, I have used IrfanView and it definitely meets all the needs (sizing and color requirements0 for icons.

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