I am a C/C++ folk and need to pick up C# basic knowledge for a project which will start by 3 weeks.
Could you reccommend me a (free if possible) reading stuff???

Thank you for any advice!

Not so sure on free, but, if you know c/c++ finding "conversion" info is actually harder than finding "this is a computer" level starts.

I like the 3dbuzz vtms (xna 101 vol1,2&3) which while aimed at xna spend most of the vtms showing OO and coding concepts etc in c# rather than xna persay, its just the application of what you've learnt in that sense. You can find them at www.3dbuzz.com

Other than that, decide on an app and try and write it. Sure some notation is different between c++ and c# but its very similar in a lot of ways. Of course annoyingly enough different in others.. such as converting eveything to strings with .ToString() or such but, its very easy to get on with.

Agree with LizR.

Books can only go so far. Just like back when you started c++ you had hello world, and i'm sure some loan calculator, and grades calculator.

Do the same thing in c#. You can read code in a book all day, but it necessarily doesn't help, but good for reference.

When you run into a problem, then look at a book or other reference material for an example.

commented: the guy only has 21 days. He can't go through that entire process. +0