Hello all,
I need some help to get all wxpython methods that associate widgates. I mean ALL methods for wx.Button, wx.Frame etc. I will appreciate if I will get something like pdf version but anything or Idea is welcomed

Thanks and regards

Just download the wxPython Docs and Demos and go to the wxWidgets Reference. I think that might help.

Thanks Paul, It helps alot but you have to go through all C++ stuffs. Isn't there sorted methods somewhere only for Python with no C++ stuffs?

Thanks again

The GUI kit for the C++ folks is wxWindows, entirely written in C++. The Pythonistas made a wrapper of it for Python and called it wxPython. Looks like nobody wanted to get into changing the manual.

So, how do I distinguish Pythons from C++s because I saw somewhere that some functions are not available in wxPy

Thanks alot sir
I have that API and was looking for manual with some examples. Since there is none, case is closed

You could pick up the book 'wxPython In Action'. Better than nothing at all, and it focuses solely on python gui using wx.

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