I got some experience with win32 programming but I fell I'd like some pointers for this.
I'm doing this program for fun and to learn.

Program: I'm gonna do a program/bot that automates the mouse movement and clicks instead of a human actually touching the mouse. So my friend has made a flash game and the bot is going to get a highscore on it (since it can execute more precise/faster then a human).

Anyways, the first thing I would like to know is, how do I get a handle on the Firefox window?

FindWindow get's handle on Firefox, and FindWindowEx gets handle on something I have no idea what it is. Is there an easy way to get handle on right windows?

And also, if anyone have done a similar program before. It would be awesome if you wanted to share pointers or source code. :)


Like often, ppl answer their own questions. I used Spy++ to get a window handle on the correct window. But how do I use that information?

I got this, 006D03A6.
Usually you would use FindWindow and put it in a variable, and use the variable. I'm confused.

Variable to handle: HDC hdc = GetDC(HWND);

Why can't I do this?
HDC hdc = GetDC(001E0F04); <--- info I got from Spy++.