Hi everyone!

I'm kinda n00b in C/C++, All I ever did were some basic programs for some .txt files manipulation.
Last time I was working in BC 3.1, about for years ago. Now I got Borland Turbo C++ Explorer 2006 and is a little hard for me to start a project, add classes, connecting to databases and stuff. I need some links where to find help in using C++ builder. This visual environment is confusing me and some of the "how to .." tutorials in HELP section doesn't match with what I have (menus, starting projects and some more). For example: "Click on the C++ Projects then choose Application", witch "Application" is NOT there.
I found some links but I would like an "extra-basic" tutorial.
For example in tutorials

#include <iostream.h>
cout >> "blah-blah"


#include <vlc.h>

Both are OK and almost the same.

Sorry if there was another thread with the same problem. I really need help. I switched Microsoft VB6 with Borland C++ and all is different.

Thank you!