Im busy using access to build a database, and Visual Basic to build the program code and automization in the database.

Im looking for a feature simular to a notification box, where the if trigerred a msgbox or simular will appear. This is pretty simple and works perfectly.

What I really want is that msgbox or simular to dissapear/close after a given time frame, eg 5 seconds, WITHOUT the user having to respond. For a feature like this user response will most likely not be used at all.

e.g. User inputs data and once the recordset has been com pleted and the user clicks add, a message box appears: "You have successfully added data" or whatever, then dissapears and closes the "Data Add Form" and the switchboard opens again.

Ive searched through the libaries and can only find msgbox features that rely on user prompts and time features that relate to accutal time data.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, i would appreciate.

I have searched on this website and have found a "wait" command, but that does not work in my visual basic. Unidentified opertature or function.



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Create a new Form and Show the Form in Modal Form.say "frmMsg" on this new form, Place a Label Control and a Command Button With Caption OK. Also Place a Timer Control Set its Interval =5000 (5 secs),
In frmMsg write this code in Timer1_Timer Event:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
     Unload Me
  End Sub

write this code in Calling Main form to show this frMsg:

frmMsg.Label1.Caption = "Showing New Form"
   frmMsg.Show 1



Thanks all for your help, I managed to get it working and looks great, just adds that little bit extra that was needed.

Thanx again,


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