Hey all,

Does anyone have a good resource for me to read/use as I begin using C# more. I'm still very new to the language and have found that there are tons of ways to do the same thing, however many of them are the wrong way to do it when reviewed by others...


Microsoft have enough white papers to sink a ship. Try there.

Thanks LizR

I wasn't sure if their stuff was reliable lol - someone had said that they were not quite right in the proper way to do things in the real world but I wasn't sure if that as true or not.

The real world and MS arent always the same, but they are the answers you would need if you were going to get a qualificaiton, as well as if you learn what they suggest, and try and use it, you will look even better in interviews etc, if you can say "Microsoft recommand ... but, in general use this proves to be impractical because...." and a lot of that is something that you wont find written elsewhere..