How can I get and set the rgb value of a specific pixel on screen using C#?

Usual questions, what have you tried, what have you found what errors do you have...

I'm not a noob.

I've looked on msdn but found nothing. Searching google, I've been able to determine how to get bitmaps from screen, and send bitmaps to the screen. This is not what I want. I need to get and set specific pixels' rgb values.

No you arent a noob, but you didnt post anything about what you had done so far.. Its a waste of everyones time and effort if we post things you've already done.

The problem with "setting a pixel" on the screen is the next redraw it will be gone.

You can read them,

The awsome Charles Petzold has details on that.

However, Im not sure you can change it as easily