I just downloaded Python 2.6 from . It came with IDLE Gui.
Poking around the internet, I see a bunch of other pthon related names like:
IDLE, wxPython, Tkinter, Widget toolkit, PyGTK, PyQT, Tk GUI . I am not really sure what all I have, and what else should I check out?

I am a PC guy, but recently purchased a MacBookPro . So I would like to learn a pgm language that I can use on both systems. Python is looking pretty good.
So I am wondering, 'what is the best liked Gui for Python.
So, what I would like to get, is some recommends from you folks.
Thanks !

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Tkinter is the gui toolkit which comes with the python distribution. However I think it's here mainly for historical reasons: it was the first gui toolkit available. I think wx python is a very good choice which gives excellent results, but you must download it separately from python. The other gui toolkits are very good too, but the choice of a toolkit depends on the programmer. People with experience with Qt or who want to learn QT will tend to prefer PyQT, etc.

Also note that wxPython has some issues on the mac so be careful.

It is a matter of Choice but my beginning were like this:
I started python, and then roamed around net database (Internet) and Tried two GUI toolkit, TkInter and wxpython. To be honest, I fell in love with wxpython and since then it have been My toolkit. When I was reading I found interested to Learn QT, but pay for it? No! I target to use my Skills later to gain $ but again I have the best wxpy and need not to pay for QT

PyGTK if you want is also Good. Wingware is built aroun GTK as living example

Anyway it is for you to choose. I have read of many programmer who use TkInter.
All are opinions. Try each for yourself if you want but if It was avote, I'll give mine to wxpy!

if It was avote, I'll give mine to wxpy!


The Python Papers vol.3 issue.1 has a good article to make an opinion about the main toolkits: wxpython, pygtk and pyqt. And tkinter of course. With screenshots, and all.

The article begins on page 26, and the links to each of the toolkits are exhaustive. My choice went to WxPython, mainly because of the "native look & feel" and advanced capacities of the AUI (dockable windows).

By the way, I found excellent doc about wxpython and pyqt, check this out:

Tutorials for: wxpython, pyqt, other python and C/C++ stuff.

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