Suddenly there is at least one line in my Delphi 2007 source code that is ignored when I single step through the program.
If I set a breakpoint on it the line goes all green and execution will not stop at the line.
There is no blue dot to the left of the line, which I don't know the meaning of.

I have tried to build the project and to replace or moved the line with no result.

Please find attaced a screen dump of my screen.

Could someone please give me an idea about what is happening.

Ive not seen that, and with that screen shot its hard to tell as theres a red dot underneath.. the current line.

normally that only happens when its either finding a similar named dcu or cant overwrite the current one - make sure you turn optimizations off

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Hi LizR,
I just switched optimizations off (don't know why, but a friendly expert told me to) and IT WORKS!

I thought optimizations was something good! Can someone please enlighten my ignorance?

Thanks LizR

Optimizations *ARE* good (generally) however, they arent good for debugging.