Suddenly there is at least one line in my Delphi 2007 source code that is ignored when I single step through the program.
If I set a breakpoint on it the line goes all green and execution will not stop at the line.
There is no blue dot to the left of the line, which I don't know the meaning of.

I have tried to build the project and to replace or moved the line with no result.

Please find attaced a screen dump of my screen.

Could someone please give me an idea about what is happening.

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Ive not seen that, and with that screen shot its hard to tell as theres a red dot underneath.. the current line.

normally that only happens when its either finding a similar named dcu or cant overwrite the current one - make sure you turn optimizations off

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Spot on

Hi LizR,
I just switched optimizations off (don't know why, but a friendly expert told me to) and IT WORKS!

I thought optimizations was something good! Can someone please enlighten my ignorance?

Thanks LizR

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