I've an ASP.NET app that scans the network for computers, printers etc and return information about them.

Now, I was able to pull information like printer names, location, printqueus etc but it would be great if i can obtain information about the tonel level on a particular printer on the network.

Any idea is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Things like toner level arent always available through the driver, so you may have to look at connecting to the printer on any web interface it has and working from there.

Hell there.
Thanks for your contribution.
I can connect remotely to any computer on the network and get info about the computer using WMI.
Now, I know how to get the IPAddress of the printer using WMI but I dont know if there is any web interface to connect to and get such details.
Pls help.

Soory, I mean to say Hello 'NOT Hell'. Applogies.....!


Answer is to try it and find out :)