Hi everyone I dont know if this question has already been answer but I really need help so bare with me. So here is my problem I just downloaded python 2.6 for windows however whenever i try to open the IDLE i get this message:

IDLE can't bind TCP/IP port 8833, which is necessary to communicate with its Python execution server. Either no networking is installed on this computer or another process (another IDLE?) is using the port. Run IDlE with the -n command line switch to start without a subprocess and refer to Help/IDLE Help 'Running without a subprocess' for further details.

I also experience this with python 2.5 when I download it but I got the same message.

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Try open Ctrl+Alt+Del and going to the processes tab. Then look for any processes called "python.exe" or "pythonw.exe" then end all of those. If you have any python windows open they will shut so close everything beforehand.
Then once all processes called "python.exe" or "pythonw.exe" have ended it should work. This has worked for me before.

I tried that a couple of times and I still get the same message

I had the same problem with Python 3.0 on Vista. None of the threads on the Internet were helpful. They all recommended turning off personal firewall software. I disabled Windows firewall but was not successful. Still, I guess I would at least check that if I were you. Otherwise, you'll have to keep opening IDLE with the -n option.

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