Hey. I'm new to C#. I need to enter data into textbox1. Then press button1, then the text in textbox1 is displayed in textbox2. I'm using Visual Studio 2005. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can I do this in design view?

This is a nice and simple thing to do, What have you read and what problems are you having? (Please read the stickies)

i'm still new to programming also but i beleive that the only way to do it is in design view. but it seems like you havnt read anything or done any research just design the form and then double click the "button" to enter the code. do some research

You can do it manually and programattically if you really insist, but why make your life harder if you dont need to :)

Design view is just, well, design. It's making programming a little bit easier. It relieves you of all the boring things like initialising the color, position etc. of a button for instance. The code for that is automatically generated for you during the design process.
When your program has got to do something(which it usualy should do) it generates an event for instance by clicking a button. It is your responsibility as a programmer to respond to that event in your code.(A design feature can not guess what you want to do) The response could be : move a text from one textbox to another.
Happy programming!

I know how to hard code a message into a button by using this.textBox1.AppendText("text");
Do I still use that line or is it something completely different?

I figured it out. I was leaving .Text out of it.

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