Is this book, <JAVA in a netshell> 4th ed, a good book?

Has anybody read it? I am a C++ programmer and just want to quickly get started with java for simple JAVA programming. Because I don't have time to read <Thinking in JAVA> at this moment, I just want a book to quickly guide me how to program in JAVA and to get familiar with basic JAVA knowledge, such as how to compile JAVA code in linux, what is JAR, common knowledge of JAVA lib/packages, Java Beans basics, etc.

Would anybody recommend a book? Thanks.

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I had a quick look at this and it's pretty simplistic (and out of date) stuff. Why would anyone think it's a good idea to waste time writing tutorials when Oracle have the definitive up-to-date tutorials (not to mention many others from established credible sources)


Not just that, but spamming it on an unrelated 8 year old forum post reeks of bad intentions or at the very least poor judgment.

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