Hi I'm trying to generate a random number betwen any numbers (eg from 1 to 100) and I've tried this code:

#include <stdlib.h>
int NumAleatori(int max)
      int num;
      return num;
void main ()
      int N,a;
      srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) );
      printf(“Enter an integer:\”);
      a = NumAleatori(N);

It does not give me random numbers. It gives me the same number for small ranges and it follows a pattern for a graters ranges.

Why not simplify things? num=rand()%(max+1);

Because the high order bits are "more random" than the low order bits on simple PRNGs

But then if they run the program in a loop, then time(NULL) is also effectively a constant as well, so that doesn't really help either.

In num=((int)ceil(((double)rand()/RAND_MAX)*(max+1)))%(max+1); You are dividing and modding at the same time.
You need to choose one or the other.
With division (and floats): num = (int)(((double)rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1)) * max); or with modding (and ints) num = rand() % max; These both give between 0 (incl.) and max (excl.).
If you want 1 to max (both incl.), add + 1 to the very end of either.