I've been learning C++ in school for awhile now, and mainly using their version of C++. I decided to download Dev C++ so I could start making programs on my own. For the most part, they've been nothing short of cheezy and useless, tho fun (like a fortune teller that makes fun of your question and gives you a rude response, or text based rpg games [decide your destiny type]) and now finally, I have a project to work on that will be of use to me and several others.

The only problem is, I have to output text in a foreign language. Specifically Russian, as it is going to be a Russian Tutor program that will have the user input either strings or chars depending on the area of the program they are in. Strings for conjugating the correct ending of a noun or adjective (IE - either Nomative, Dative, Instrumental, etc etc for those who know Russian) or correct aspect (Uni vs Multi-Directional, or Imperfective vs. Perfective), etc etc. - or chars for multiple choice Q&A.

I have the Russian font installed but when I go to even type that language in dev c++ - even as a comment - it comes out with funky characters - when I copy and paste those funky characters back onto a text file or whatever - it reforms as the russian cyrillic alphabet.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get dev c++ to output the russian alphabet? ...Or is it even possible?

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