Hi all,

I want to make a report that the column headers are getting from one of the
field in the dataset.
Example, dataset ds has table A with 4 columns, col1, col2, col3, col4
I would like to use col1 values to be the column headers of the report,
the returned dataset, ds has 4 records, and those values in col1 are

("AB","AC"," AD" and "AE")

so the reports will become

    AB    AC   AD   AE       (distinct values of Col1 return from ds)
    XX    XX   XX   XX       
    XX    XX   XX   XX        
    XX    XX   XX   XX      
    XX    XX   XX   XX        

So I am thinking to get the distinct values of Col1 from the return dataset,
But I don't want to do it in the SQL, so how can I do it in the Crystal

I want to fill the returned data from ds following the headers come from col1
those data will be filled according to the value of col1 in each records,

records 1 {AB, 123, ..., ...}
records 2 {AD, 999,...,...

the reports become,

          AB   AC   AD   AE       

Or is there any other Good ideas to do it??

Thanks ~
Miyakejess :-|